An evening with a sticky Dr Jones and dinosaurs

In which our hero learns lessons about leaving on time, visits a newly reopened watering hole, meets Dr Jones (Sr. and Jr,), has an encounter with dinosaurs and plays a game of chance with a river.


But you can take them with you if you like...A five minute warning is always a good idea before moving our hero. However, I think I’ll be saying, “Yes, Indy can come too” shortly. He does get so involved in with this Lego.


Therefore, if going out with child pack entertainment - somewhere - anywhere. Why take your purse to the pub when you could take PLAYMOBIL DINOSAURS?!?


oh when you said we are going now, you meant right nowOi! Wait for me!


whilst waiting for Luke, Mummy tidys the gardenWhilst waiting for our hero, his mother has time to do a little light gardening.


one foot
One foot

two feet

Two foot

(yes, my grammar is bad, but I have sung
“Round and round the garden”
for so long I can only say it like this now)

An evening out - just checking
I am not dawdling, I am checking.
An evening out - Indiana Jones and the Playmobil Dinosaurs PartIf you can hum the Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park theme tunes, whilst making noises like two motorbikes, a bicycle and a few dinosaurs, you basically have recreated what was going on here.

We had dinner (wasn’t bad, but nothing special).

We place all children’s toys (and adults’ cameras) aside.

An evening out - One four year out + one ice cream = EXTREME STI

Time to ask you other half, did you pack the wet wipes?


Luke, who loves slapstick, was laughing at the antics of the children at the next table

Giggling at the kids on the other tables

Yes Luke and just out of shot is a very sticky pair of feet.
Definitely wet wipe time!
What else would you play on the way home?

Pooh Sticks – what better way to round off the evening?

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